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The /. effect strikes again

Hello. I'm sorry for redirecting you away from the forums, but the extremely heavy traffic today has made this necessary. There is an article at wired.com about Xupiter that came out today in which I am quoted. This article has been linked to on several message boards, including Slashdot.org. If you've never heard of the /. effect before, the simplest explanation is that several thousand people have landed on my site all at once, and are stomping it into the ground.

I've decided to redirect all traffic from domains other than my own to this page until all the traffic dies down rather than close the forums down completely. Sometime tonight I will remove the redirect. My apologies for the inconvienance.

If you already were on my site and did not click a link from another site for the forums and you are still getting sent to this page, then are you altering your referrer somehow. Until I remove the redirect, you will be unable to access the forums unless you stop altering your referrer. If you use Agnitum's Outpost firewall, it may be altering it without telling you, as it regularly spams referrer logs with an advertisement for itself. Please check its options for disabling referrer spoofing.

FYI, for anyone who has been infected by Xupiter, there is a class-action lawsuit being examined and the attorneys are looking for you. Please Contact Al Guerrero for information. These are the same attorneys currently suing Bonzai Buddy for deceptive advertising practices.

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