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August 22, 2002


This is a short update to get everyone up to speed on some changes at SpywareInfo.

Last month, both spywareinfoforum.info and spywareinfoforum.info/newlsetter went down mysteriously. With .com, it turned out to be a bad hard drive in the server. I never found out what happened to .net. .net went down again the other night, came back, then went down again a couple of nights ago. As of this moment, it still hasn't come back.

Most of you probably aren't aware, but .net is hosted on a different server. Zortera.com offered free, unlimited hosting a while back and I moved spywareinfoforum.info/newlsetter over there. I also moved all the software I offer for download over there to keep the bandwidth down on the .com server.

You get what you pay for I suppose, so considering the repeated disappearance of my site, I'm moving that domain back to the .com server. At the moment, you can see it at http://www.spywareinfoforum.info/newsletter/. I'm not positive all the links and pictures work yet. I'll need to check all that after the domain propogates over.

Unfortunately, this also means that I can no longer mirror Ad-aware and maybe other software for download. Ad-aware on it's own was using nearly 2GB of bandwidth per month. I have to pay for any bandwidth over a certain number, so that's out from now on. Sadly, the relationship with the person who managed my PayPal and Amazon donation accounts has ended, so I can't even ask for donations to cover extra costs for the moment. Hopefully I'll have that taken care of soon.

I've also ended my relationship with Lavasoft. There are some practices in place there that I strongly disagreed with, so I resigned as an administrator at their support forums. They've asked me to reconsider, and I gave them a list of conditions they'll need to agree to first. I haven't heard anything back yet. Still watching the inbox for it.

I've started a news feed with stories that relate to privacy issues. I've also started updating the template of the pages on the site (which you're seeing now since I haven't had time to adapt it to the newsletter yet. Sorry for the javascripts.) and each one has a link to the news page. This link opens in a pop up window in the center of your desktop and you will need to have javascript enabled in order to see the news page, as the whole thing is basically a series of document.write commands. Click here to check it out.

I'm doing it this way because I'm toying with the idea of making it available to other web masters. The webmaster could call the javascript file onto a blank html page and the contents would load automatically. For now, I'll keep it to myself and make sure I can keep it updated regularly before I commit to sharing it out.

I actually started this near the beginning of July and got overwhelmingly positive feedback on it, but quit with it due to some personal issues going on. I've started it back up now. If you have a news story you'd like to see there that is less than 3 or 4 days old, go to the message boards and make a post in the On The Web forum. Make sure you follow the guidelines in the post labeled Read This Before Posting. If it looks interesting, I'll add it to the news feed.

Speaking of the template being updated, there is one more tweak I'd like to do for it. There is a way to hide whole sections of the page from the printer without effecting what you see in the browser. However, combined with the way I link to my style sheets, it triggers a bug in the Opera browser. Opera incorrectly hides those sections in the browser instead of just hiding it from the printer. So far, only one valid workaround has been found, and that one is unacceptable. So, until this is figured out, any of you printing a page from my site will be wasting quite a bit of unnecessary ink. If you think you can figure out how to work around this, take a look at this message board thread.

All subscribers pay attention to this item. If the email address you signed up to this newsletter with has an out-of-office auto reply or some other sort of auto reply, unsubscribe now and sign up another address that doesn't have one. You waste my bandwidth and server resources by using an autoreply. I'll be sending a short test message later tonight, and every address that sends an autoreply gets canceled.

That about covers it for now. There will be a new issue out soon. Hopefully I can start getting this thing out once a week like I did when I started out. I've had a lot of things distract my attention away from it, but I have some free time now.

PS, Lavasoft finally released an update to Ad-aware's reffile. Go get it.


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