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Evidence Terminator
Evidence Terminator Highlights

Evidence Terminator is the most advanced hard disk cleaner in the world.  Its innovative new scripting engine means it customizes itself for your all of your system's users, automatically!

Evidence Terminator
Evidence Terminator optionally cleans:
  • Recycle bins on every drive in your system
  • Internet history logs stored on your hard drive
  • Internet cookies
  • Temporary Internet Files (caches and other media files)
  • Temporary program files
  • Recent documents list
  • Windows Help system temp files
  • Backup files
  • LOG files
  • File ID files from downloaded files
  • CD burner software temp files
  • Program temp files not in the system temp folder
  • Scandisk and chkdsk temp files
  • Hardware detection logs
  • All of your partitions and/or drives
  • Mapped network drives
  • Those evil index.dat files no matter how many of them you have
  • Overwrites files to help prevent recovery
  • The drop down URL list from IE
  • The run list, find computers list, and recently searched file list
  • Those pesky MSCREATE.DIR files that MS installers leave behind
In addition, Evidence Terminator:
  • Speeds Up Your Computer, especially while online!
  • Increases Your System's Overall Stability!
  • Dynamically configures itself for Win95/98/ME/2k or XP
  • Cleans evidence from multiple user profiles
  • Runs every time you log onto your computer
  • Can run minimized or maximized during cleanup
  • A customizable script so that YOU can add your own files and folders
  • A NEW Script Wizard for easy configuration!
  • Most importantly, Evidence Terminator protects YOUR privacy.

  • PRIVACY MATTERS: Your PC's Hardrive Is An Open Book ! 
    Business Week Online

    "...Northwest Airlines was able to win permission from an Minneapolis federal judge to search the personal hardrives of 22 flight attendants --- hardrives in computers, in the employees homes... it got a judge to require that the 22 turn over their machines to investigators ... who sifted through their contents &  decided what the airline should be able to see..."

    Could your boss do the same?

    "Computer users beware. Just because a computer is personal doesn't mean it is private."

    Windows is keeping hidden records of everything you do right now!

    Every web site you visit ! 

    Every picture you view and sound you hear !

    Every email you type or read!

    Everything you discuss in a chat room !

    Every movie or video you view on your computer(s) can be easily recovered years after !

    What if these files were made public?
    It is becoming common for employers, husbands, wives & even law enforcement agencies to pull up these files after you've left your computer !

    Have your employees or family members ever inadvertently downloaded or viewed questionable material on your computer(s)?

    What web sites, pictures etc. have they downloaded on your computer(s)?

    What about your kids? 
    What would happen if someone stumbled across this damning material by accident, or intentionally, intending to harm your name?

    What about business secrets you wouldn't want anyone to know about, lurking on your computer(s) for someone to find ?

    Protect Your Privacy Now !
    You will rest assured knowing all those secret ghost files have been deleted with EVIDENCE TERMINATOR !

    Protect yourself from any unnecessary embarrassment, at your home or work with this incredible, innovative new software.

    Evidence Terminator will go to all those secret areas on your computer(s) and delete any confidential or damning materials.


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