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Evidence Eliminator

One week, I made a last-minute addition to the feature section of the newsletter stating "Please note that this is Evidence Terminator and not Evidence Eliminator, which would never be featured here". That prompted a few people to ask why I had put it there.

The reason for that is simple. The company that makes Evidence Eliminator is scum. They use advertising tactics that are so disgusting, they make people ill by viewing them.

They use javascripts and server-side scripting to display your IP address, reverse DNS, browser type, operating system, referrer information, show you the contents of your hard drive in an I-Frame, and various other tricks to try to convince you that you are under investigation.

They do anything to try to convince you to buy their product RIGHT NOW!!!!! If you don't, they want you to believe that you will go to jail and be assaulted by larger prisoners because of the porn on your computer. See for yourself (the page is random, keep refreshing your browser).

I don't know about the product itself. For all I know, it could be a fine program. At well over $100 per copy, I'm not about to test it to find out. The company that sells it however....... scum, pure scum. Most people agree, as you can see in the message board thread where we were discussing it.

And that is why Evidence Eliminator is not recommended at SpywareInfo and why it never will be.


http://www.evidence-eliminator.com/d2w/intro/server.d2w :: Evidence-Eliminator landing page
http://forums.spywareinfoforum.info/?showtopic=5910 :: Discuss this article at the forums


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