[20:10] <@ScottK> _Mist_
[20:11] <@_Mist_> hmmm?
[20:11] <@ScottK> Explain your topic
[20:11] <@_Mist_> huh?
[20:11] <@ScottK> [ChanServ] Last Topic : See what happens when stupid IRC admins install Alpha IRC server software - Welcome to Webnet. There are only two uninfected servers currently: sauron and apple (_Mist_)
[20:12] <@_Mist_> and?
[20:12] WHOIS:
[20:12] ScottK is scottk@=zpgw-tbnfejcb5g-30.lgvwwa.adelphia.net * ScottK
[20:12] ScottK is a Registered Nick
[20:12] ScottK on @#lockergnome #Mormon #chatopstoman @#KatanaHelp @#scottk @#LiteStep @#LDS #Katana @#spiderslair
[20:12] ScottK using katana.ca.us.webchat.org WebMaster, Inc - www.webmaster.com
[20:12] ScottK is a Services Administrator (IRCop)
[20:12] ScottK looks very helpful
[20:12] ScottK prefers to speak in English
[20:12] ScottK End of /WHOIS list.
[20:12] <@ScottK> Let me give you some information, Mr.Einstein
[20:12] <@ScottK> WebChat is a BETA TEST Network for a Commercial Conferencing Software company called Webmaster, Inc.
[20:12] <@ScottK> http://www.webmaster.com
[20:12] <+mouse^> no really?
[20:12] <+mouse^> ya dont say
[20:12] <@_Mist_> Yes.
[20:13] * @ScottK glares at mouse^
[20:13] <@_Mist_> again, and?
[20:13] <@Track> interesting
[20:13] <+mouse^> its pre alpha servers
[20:13] <@Track> an ircop
[20:13] <@ScottK> So, if we put a new version of our software to test it, we do it
[20:13] <@_Mist_> correcyt
[20:13] <@_Mist_> -y
[20:13] <@Track> shame it's buggy
[20:13] <@ScottK> and what's this deal about "infected"????
[20:13] <@_Mist_> I was under the impression it was more of a SHOWCASE network, but that's just me
[20:13] <@_Mist_> well
[20:14] * Track sets mode: +c
[20:14] <@ScottK> or did you mean "affected"
[20:14] <@_Mist_> as of now, it seems apple and sauron are still running the old, non-buggy servers
[20:14] <@Track> infected, affected :)
[20:14] <@ScottK> _Mist_ - let me clue you in
[20:15] <@ScottK> I close channels that have said less
[20:15] <@Track> underlines/bold are now seen as colour
[20:15] <@ScottK> but since I respect ChrisP, I'm going to look the other way and hope you'll come to your senses
[20:16] <@_Mist_> hmm, ok
[20:16] <@_Mist_> just a minute
[20:16] <+mouse^> ScottK take a look at what Track said
[20:16] <@Track> what you on about man... we didn't do a thing... bold is seen as colour... that's what we find odd
[20:16] <@Track> bold/underline that kinda stuff
[20:16] <@Track> which it wasn't
[20:16] * _Mist_ changes topic to 'Webnet are currently using this network as an ALPHA test. If you still want to use servers that are not affected by this, please use sauron or apple, as these seem unaffected for now.'
[20:16] <@_Mist_> Better?
[20:17] <@ScottK> slightly
[20:17] * @ScottK sighs
[20:17] <@_Mist_> and by that I mean, "acceptable?"
[20:17] * ScottK (scottk@=zpgw-tbnfejcb5g-30.lgvwwa.adelphia.net) has left #lockergnome
[20:17] <@_Mist_> *ScottK* - ever hear of "biting the hand that feeds you"???
[20:17] <@_Mist_> ^^ Last one is a pm