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Unauthorized Advertisements via pop ups, pop unders, image overlays, textual overlays, or any other method on SpywareInfo using any user-side software application shall be charged at the rate of ten thousand dollars (10,000 USD) per occasion. The advertisers who allow their ads to be shown at our website shall be held accountable for each unauthorized advertisement. The advertisers' allowance of their ads being shown on http://spywareinfoforum.info, http://spywareinfo.net, and/or http://spywareinfo.org indicates their acceptance of our unauthorized advertising fee and this policy is strictly enforced.

This policy specifically includes, but is not limited to advertising via such parasitical user-side applications as Gator, WhenU SaveNow or Save, and Ezula.

If you are a visitor to this web site and you have been presented with an advertisement caused by a software program, please take a screen shot of the advertisement which includes your browser's address bar and contact us for instructions on how to get the screenshot to us. Please note the time and date of the incident.

For information about advertising on http://www.spywareinfoforum.info/ and http://www.spywareinfo.net/, please contact our marketing department. http://www.spywareinfoforum.info/email2.php