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iclean From: Alladin Systems

Current Version:
Macintosh 5.0, Windows 1.0

System Requirements:
Macintosh - PowerPC processor or higher
Mac OS 8.6 or higher; Built for OS X (10.2 - Jaguar compatibility)
8 MB RAM, Carbon Lib 1.5 or later
Windows - Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP
AOL 7.0 - if AOL is your internet provider.

Price: Macintosh $29.99, Windows $29.99

Your computer tracks your online and offline activities, putting your privacy at risk. Internet marketers can target you with spam by following your online tracks, often created by web servers leaving cookies on your computer. Others who have access to your computer can follow computer tracks to monitor your offline activities and see what you do on your computer.

iClean helps you protect your privacy by covering your computer tracks. Its easy to use iClean to protect your privacy and regain disk space by clearing computer and internet files that are often hidden. Use iClean to remove cache and history files and automatically delete cookies from spam web servers.

iClean Key Features and Benefits

  • automatic deletion of cookies from specified servers
  • eliminates space-wasting, privacy-risking cache and history files
  • enables anonymous web surfing
Please also check out this page full of links to Macintosh security products.


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